Five ways in which the sharing economy is helping the travel industry

The last few years have seen the rise of the sharing economy as a very successful business model all over the world that has enabled many people who have little business experience to participate and make money in many different industries; which has greatly favored global economies and has even created completely new industries, such as car sharing and micro-financing.

One sector in particular in which this has contributed is in the travel sector. It is no longer necessary to own a hotel or manage a bed and breakfast to participate; people who had a spare bedroom or a single holiday apartment can now easily become their bosses or at least get extra income from their empty spaces, and this has led to many unexpected but positive changes in the travel industry. Below are five significant ways in which travelers, in particular, can benefit from the shared economy model in the travel industry.

1. More access to paths off the beaten track

Because the sharing economy has taken off on a global scale, it means that many of the previously unknown or dark places are now relatively easy to reach by travelers looking for a unique travel experience. Before, if there was not a hotel or a bed and breakfast in a city or a village, it made the visit and stay quite difficult and often meant that travelers could only pass. But now, with the option of staying in a local home or apartment, these smaller destinations are quickly becoming more accessible to travelers who have made the trip a much more exciting and enriching experience. The explorers are no longer limited to the larger and better known locations; now the whole world becomes an oyster easy to explore.

2. A chance to live like a local

As normal people have started to put their homes, apartments or holiday homes to share economies that can be accessed by travelers from all over the world; has given many travelers a change to experience life in a place like a local; as many holiday accommodation available in sharing economies are witnesses of the local traditions of architecture, furniture and domestic life. In Scandinavia make sure you find two carefully folded duvets on the bed, or in Bali travelers will be pleased to find that most of the houses have their showers out in the yard!

3. Privileged knowledge of local cultures and sites

When travelers participate in the sharing economy by booking accommodation with local residents; they often get the scoop and tips of the best restaurants, museums, shops and more that are often left out of tourist guides. Many landlords are more than happy to share personalized tips on things to see and do, many of which are off the beaten track of tourist attractions. This is particularly useful in places that are not widely known or that do not have many guides written about them.

4. Cheaper accommodations available for those traveling on a budget

Travelers on a tight budget can enjoy the comfort of a shared accommodation that is the basis of the shared travel economy. Much more comfortable than hostels, many travelers can book a shared room or a private room in a family home for much less than the price of a hotel or an entire apartment. This has the added advantage of often sharing meals together and getting an intimate experience of how the daily life of local families is.

5. A network of friends based on trust and responsibility

There are many benefits of participating in a sharing economy based on travel; those who use the accommodations provided locally during their holidays have the advantage of meeting and becoming friends with the local populations, a connection that builds a network of trust that can be found all over the world. Often many who use local housing are more than willing to return the favor to those who hosted them, or are at least willing to provide local information and suggestions to their former guests. This creates great networks of friends who can cross the globe and create a series of intimate and confident relationships in which travels have joined strangers from all over the world.